“Dedication to our customers with a first-class stores and services.”


Oceanex can provide a vast range of frozen meats, fish, diary, fresh and ambient stores. They can be dispatched to any port at short notice. Staff are trained to have a complete understanding to the diverse nature of the crews’ nationalities, including halal needs.

Marine Spares

In house at Oceanex are a team of specialists who have offshore deck and engine experience who can assist clients to source the right marine spares.

Nautical Publications and Charts

Nautical charts & publications, navigational aids, electronic equipment and consumables are available from our Procurement Team

Safety Inspections, Medical, LSA Equipment & Servicing

Oceanex works with leading suppliers of safety equipment and also providers of medical and marine inspections.

Cabin and Janitorial Services

Having staff who had sea-going experience, we are able to take care of every cleaning and catering (halal included) requirements as we are aware that it is a paramount to maintain a healthy ship and crew.

Ship Repairs, Fabrication & Underwater Services

Oceanex is a one-stop shop of ship repairs, fabrication and underwater services.


Need bonded or non-bonded storage space? We have our own and we are available at your service.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss any specific services or arrangements you may require.